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RF and price calculator

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I've never been a big fan of the RF model, so 99% of my images on Alamy are RM. However, I'm thinking of adding more RF images since the pricing seems much better, and RM licenses are starting to look more and more like RF anyway. Just wondering, is the price calculator more closely adhered to with RF sales? Are the average returns really any better than RM?


Thnx  a million,


-John M

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Hi John


They keep saying that RF prices are better but I haven't noticed it with mine. Maybe its my pix that are at fault. Interested to hear of experiences of others.





Yes, it would be interesting to hear some RF testimonials. As mentioned, I've only got a handful of RF images on Alamy and none has ever sold. But since I don't have releases, they tend to be of generic subjects that probably don't sell that well regardless of what licensing model they are. Again, what interests me is whether or not the huge RM discounts also apply to RF. 


For instance, does a 50 MB RF file really sell for $365 as indicated by the price calculator? If not, what is a more realistic sum?

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