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Hello from Massachusetts


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On 7/8/2018 at 19:11, adamg said:

Hi Everyone. I'm not new to Alamy (I've been contributing for a while), but just joined the forums.

Welcome Adam. I want to be helpful to you, so I looked at the front page of your portfolio. The image you have “Buttercup enjoying the sun”. That is your caption. 

You need to make comprehensive captions as it’s said they are as important as your tags. I suggest something similar to this:

A single yellow Buttercup, (scientific name) closeup. A wildflower growing in the countryside (if true) of (state), USA.

If this is a wildflower, then use “wildflower, wildflowers, yellow wildflower” in your tags along with scientific name. Other tags could be botany, botanical. In the case of plants, use the location in your tags. Buttercups may not be found in every state, and sometimes location might be important to the buyer. 


Your images are only found by using relevant but comprehensive captions and tags. For instance, a buyer looking for “yellow wildflower” using that search term would not see your image.

Food for thought.



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