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KW optimisation with "AlamyMeasures" and CTR, how ?

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When I learned about the use of KW, I thought I understood that the relevance of KW is related to CTR. The CTR is the number of Zooms divided by the number of views x 100[%]. 
So if I don't have a zoom, the CTR is also 0.

For the last 4 weeks I find at "Alamy Measures --> Your Images" a tiny CTR of 0.18. This CTR results from one Zoom at one image, my CTR for the search term is 33.33. For all other search terms in the list, the CTR is 0.0 of course. 

How do I optimize my KW? Remove from all images the search terms for which I see a CTR of 0.0? These are often relevant terms (IMO), but other images seemed to suit the customer's taste better. 

Well, I don't know what to do now. How to increase the CTR? How must the KW optimization be carried out in principle (using "Alamy measures")?

Thanks in advance.


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This has already been discussed several times in the forum, you can check these threads.

Bottom line: DON'T spam keywords just to reach the red 'optimised' bar. Keyword only what is relevant to the image. Your images would not be optimal if they had poor, irrelevant keywords.

Delete any irrelevant keywords, keep those which are relevant.

Don't worry about your CTR either. If you have good images and good keywording, you'll get zooms and sales (unless the subjects are over-supplied here).

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Of course I read other threads, but I didn't really understand them. 
Even now it is still very confusing that neither the green bar nore the CTR should play a role.

In the end, however, this means that with "Alamy measures" there is no real "measure" that I could meaningfully influence before a zooming.  

Very confusing indeed. 

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The only thing you can do is make sure your keywords are tightly relevant to your images.

For example, MY1AP8 is a photo of a red balloon outdoors. Your keywords abstract, birthdays, celebration, cheer, child, children, marketing, party are not relevant to your image - I know balloons can be used by children, as marketing, at parties, but that's not what your image shows If a buyer types in 'party' that's what they want to see. They know what a balloon is, they will search 'balloon' if they want.

I clicked on a few others of your images, and you are keywording extremely 'loosely'. That could go against you as you'll get false hits, which you'd have no chance of getting a zoom or sale from. It's bad enough getting false hits from the way the search engine is set up, you don't want to set yourself up for more.


Don't worry about CTR, don't worry about optimising - don't sweat the small stuff. For what it's worth, I and others don't see much relationship between zooms / CTR and sales.





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