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Best photo editing software for iPad pro?

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Hi All,

Looking for your opinions on best photo editors for use with iPad pro. There’s a lot out there - Photoshop, Pixelmator, Affinity etc etc. I’m finding it hard to decide what to go with. I think i’m going to need an Apple pencil too.




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Hi Julie

I use an iPad pro and the IOS Photos app which is a bit limited so i’m thinking about buying something else. I want to improve the quality of my pictures and be able to see the RGB histogram alongside my images as i’m working on them. Also see and edit metadata / tags alongside the image i’m working on. I’m looking at Affinity, Pixelmator Pro (rather than the £5 version) and Photoshop. There’s loads of tutorials and reviews about I just wanted an opinion from this group. Lots of the tutorials focus on major image manipulation which i’m not interested in. 




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I would choose Lightroom. I simple like to use it. I still use the desktop version of LR (5.7) on my Mac. But I do not like that subscription idea.


I use Darkroom sometimes (free version). I am not sure I will upgrade it to a paid option. The app does not have any healing tool (which is rather essential unless you use a mobile instead of a camera), they do not answer my questions, and the project seems to be almost dead. And It is quite pricey. And the price in Applestore is significantly higher than the price they quote on their website.


Now my no 1 is Pixelmator Photo. The new version (2.3) is pretty interesting. They’ve introduced masks, gradient filters and a brush. And the new name of the app is Photomator.


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