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I'm a new user of ftp, and have been using filezilla  for a few weeks.   But in the past week, it seems to upload all my files, though (1) some of the files will remain in the server window on the right after filezilla reports successful transfer of all files, and (2) most or all of those files still showing in the server window do not show up on the alamy (or other agency) site.   This is happening both for uploads to Alamy and to another site, so I don't THINK it's an alamy problem.  


To solve it, I'm having to delete those files still showing on the server side, re-select, and do a second upload.   Sometimes it has taken more than one "re-do" to get them all to show on the agency website.


Are others experiencing this?   Am I doing something wrong?  Would appreciate feedback.

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