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Photo Mechanic import to Lightroom CC "Title" field

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I have just started to use Photo Mechanic to speed up my workflow (and it is great); but, I cannot work out how to populate the Lightroom CC field "Title" - I did fill in the Photo Mechanic "headline" field but it did not carry across to the Liightroom filed "title" that I need fir Alamy imports.  Thank for any help



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Hi Ian

The LR Title field is populated from Photo Mechanic's Title/Object Name

LR's Description is PM's Caption and Headline is Headline

Hope that makes sense




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42 minutes ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

The only 3 you need for Alamy are





All others as I understand it are stripped out

Have you started using variables yet, you will soon!






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Thanks all for your response; I have started to work on using variables - interesting approach.  I love the speed of Photo Mechanic .  I always had an issue with the speed of Lightroom uploading large numbers of RAW files (I admit, I take too many photos) but PM cuts the import, caption, keywording etc by over 50%  Sometimes, if covefring multiple storeis in a day I had to sacrifice some submissions as I could not get them edited fast enough.  PM should fiex that...

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