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Alamy sales report - DACS

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first post in about 7 years or more, but interested to see reaction re' the following in regards to Alamy sales report for DACS.


Apparently I cannot claim for books as there is no ISBN data on the report Alamy send on my behalf.


Last year's Alamy report was accepted without ISBNs, but they seem to be hard-nosed now about the ISBN data.


Looking at My Alamy, indeed no ISBN data for sales.


Also, would Worldwide Sales or Worldwide Usage include the UK (as per DACS requriements for Payback) - it would have to, yes.

Last time I checked the UK was indeed a part of the World ...


The alternative of course is for me to start reverse searching the 1 or 2 sales that seem indicative of UK-related book sales, but I'm not sure that's worth the effort Vs reward ultimately from DACS.


Just curious to throw this all out there and see what others have experienced in a similar vein ?

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