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  1. Greetings, first post in about 7 years or more, but interested to see reaction re' the following in regards to Alamy sales report for DACS. Apparently I cannot claim for books as there is no ISBN data on the report Alamy send on my behalf. Last year's Alamy report was accepted without ISBNs, but they seem to be hard-nosed now about the ISBN data. Looking at My Alamy, indeed no ISBN data for sales. Also, would Worldwide Sales or Worldwide Usage include the UK (as per DACS requriements for Payback) - it would have to, yes. Last time I checked the UK was indeed a part of the World ... The alternative of course is for me to start reverse searching the 1 or 2 sales that seem indicative of UK-related book sales, but I'm not sure that's worth the effort Vs reward ultimately from DACS. Just curious to throw this all out there and see what others have experienced in a similar vein ?
  2. Thanks Paulette, I just found the Zooms myself just then.
  3. Posted 3 hours ago Richard McDowell, on 30 May 2014 - 3:42 PM, said: Press the grey box "Build a downloadable sales report" near the top right. .... No Zooms here .... is anyone else wondering where the Zooms have gone ????? John.
  4. I like the new dashboard, but where on earth have my Zooms gone ? You know, where I can see what images have been zoomed between certain dates. Am I missing something ? Richard McDowell Perth West Oz
  5. Quite a few Alamy shots today on a local Western Australian website - re' travel article about a walk around the Berlin Wall. Sorry I'm not so good at loading pix etc, but page address is; http://www.watoday.com.au/travel/a-wall-ran-through-it-20140129-31lyp.html Shots include The Shores of Lake Wannsee, Gallery remnant on the east side wall, Signage at Glienicke bridge, Wannsee House. Also a shot of Checkpoint Charlie that isn't credited and ssome shots from Corbis. I'd imagine the feature has been syndicated. Cheers Richard McDowell Perth Western Australia
  6. I never see my image sales reported on this thread, so figured I'd do my own reporting Thanks to Google Alerts; Bank levy to raise $733m as Rudd government strives for surplus The Guardian Photograph: Richard McDowell/Alamy. A new levy on Australia's banks will raise $733m, adding to a tobacco tax rise worth $5.3bn to be unveiled in the Rudd ...
  7. June and July have been good, depending on one's definition of 'Good' that is. For me, around $200.00 gross each month is good with about 1300 images on-line. I've noticed a distinct upward trend in RM pricing, even managed to score a $103.00 RM in June. Zooms and views are way up too. No doubt the pendulum will swing the other way now for a few months, it usually does. Richard McDowell Perth West Oz
  8. Being a bit of a night photography afficianado myself I'll have to jump in with this one; New Zealand Top Bike ace, Athol WIlliams getting the rear bag nice and warm before a run at the Perth Motorplex. Out at Bells Rapids. Me and John Hurney had good fun this night ... up to 4 flash guns going and exposures from 30 seconds out to about 3 or 4 minutes at times. In retrospect, I'd have processed this a tad 'Cooler', or knocked the 'Warmth' off the rocks a bit. One of my all time favourites from a 15 year drag racing shooter 'career'. It's different because it hasn't been panned with 2nd curtain or multiple flashes. Rather, the camera is on a tripod, with exposure experiments ranging from 0.5 seconds to about 1.5 seconds. Bearing in mind these cars are out of the hole and hitting the 60-foot timing beam in less than a second sometimes, so exposure time is important to get that look without the car being too much of a ghost. Can't honestly remember what I did flash wise with this one. Cheers Richard McDowell Perth Western Australia
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