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John Rodgers

Hi, John from Clare Ireland.

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Just had my three initial submissions approved :) . New to Stock and  I am into photographing travel and landscape type work. Hoping to improve, make some friends and perhaps earn a little beer money down the road. 


Do most of the forum members submit to just Alamy, or do you upload to many? 





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Hi John, welcome. I love County Clare as well as many other places in the west of Ireland.


Make sure you caption and keyword accurately. For example you have misspellt monastery in your keywords. The captions are important so something like Lighthouse is not adequate. The location field is not searchable so it is a good idea to put the location in the caption and in the keywords as well. Your monastery shot could be a seller at some point as there are very few of Scattery Island on Alamy so if somebody searches for it you will not have too much competition. Compare that with Cliffs of Moher for example. You might even make the price of a pint or two eventually. Best of luck.

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