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Live News: Headline and Caption for newbies

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I read previous forum topics on Live News: Headline and Caption but can't find answer am looking for.. 

- Where do 'Headline and Caption' shall be written to? 


Sorry if my question sound funny, but after I drop my picture for upload via My Dashboard I have only one option to choose from - Title (only). There is no other option I could see. What do I do wrong? Where to write Headline and Captions for LiveNews upload? 

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10 minutes ago, fotoDogue said:

Headline and Captions should be written with whatever software you use, before you upload.

Am with Safari 11.0.3 and software can use Lightroom or Photoshop.


I never used PS or Lr for Headline & Caption before. Is this where it shall be done?

I searched youtube but can't find Headline & Caption topic for PS or Lr. 

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In PhotoShop, under the File Menu, go to File Info. It will bring you to a panel where you can add Headline, Description (Caption) Keywords and other IPTC Information.

Lightroom has a similar panel in the Library module but Headline and Description aren't always visible.

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