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  1. Are you a Sony specialist Allan? Do you use HVL-F60RM flash? If this forum is not best place to talk technical I posted my flash question on Sony forum. Just wondering if you may know the answer to? https://community.sony.co.uk/t5/alpha-nex-interchangeable-lens-cameras/how-to-use-hvl-f60rm-flash-if-ilce-7sm2-set-to-silent-shooting/m-p/3828061#M9704
  2. hmm,,, another day another try... but no luck this time either. Safari Version 13.1.2 (13609. won't allow neither drag & drop or link... The only option is available if drag & drop directly onto Insert Image from URL button (lower right) and image opens in separate window without any attach or other option available.. Funny enough, just tried to use a link from instagram and still won't work... what a mess Same on Firefox won't work..
  3. Thank you very much cpacecadet and 'Lucky, schmucky' option must be available only to regular visitor cause ive tried to link and drag, drop, drap option too šŸ˜
  4. Not sure how beautiful and is my very lucky shot of Southern Hawker eating Common Blue Damselfly in flight. https://www.alamy.com/southern-hawker-eating-common-blue-damselfly-in-flight-image417513724.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=B13F8B1B-206C-4846-9479-27EDEC189727&p=577662&n=83&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=31&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3Dbar%26st%3D31%26sortby%3D2%26qt%3D%26qt_raw%3D%26qn%3D%26lic%3D3%26edrf%3D0%26mr%3D0%26pr%3D0%26aoa%3D1%26creative%3D%26videos%3D%26nu%3D%26ccc%3D%26bespoke%3D%26apalib%3D%26ag%3D0%26hc%3D0%26et%3D0x0000000000000000
  5. Hello everyone, I would love to hear any advice and critique on my portfolio. link: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/arvy Thanks in advance!
  6. Don't Know how to insert screen shot so will try to describe: Send 98 images via Filezilla host - upload.alamy.com - Remote Site /Stock ( is this the right folder?) Successful transfer (98) Hooray!!! The only issue is I don't see single image on my Submissions in Image Manager yet. Hoping this will be visible soon unless I've done something wrong again?..
  7. Thank you all!, and - Oh my goodness, so many grate comments but I don't see any notification from Alamy about it!.. Why?!.. This make me think I may have wrong settings but Notify me of replies is On - GREEN!.. Am confused if my dashboard and rest of Alamy pages connected to my profile is working properly?.. feeling so little and unexperienced šŸ’§
  8. price tag' noun: a label showing the price of an item for sale. Sorry for being confusing and I don't know if would be ok to write too many details on this forum?..
  9. What a strange day!, Images won't upload to Alamy and there isn't any topic on FTP on this forum?? Can anyone advise for simple to use FTP app for Mac? Have 100's of images to upload but seems like uploading via dashboard isn't working and am stuck with firs image for the last 2 hours šŸ˜” Reloaded many times but still no luck. For a test I uploaded x100 large file to youtube and is all looking good, but Alamy page is not able to upload.. My image files are between 5-15 mb only and is over 100 images... What is the best way to upload many files at ones on to
  10. Multimillion price tag farm who is behind all this and probably my foreign name is too ugly to be printed on their calendar.. No, I am not planning to any huge claim and only few thin whips throe their fingers so no images will be taken in the future and I could continue shooting landscape time-lapses started in 2007. Based on our communication this craziness I see as a deliberate farmers insult covered under innocents of local community shop. brrr am getting angry just thinking about it
  11. Hello everyone, I am an amateur photographer and shooting only cause I love recording memories. Photography is an obsession to me. I post my photographs on Alamy, Youtube and social media. The day has come when I realised that posting photographs on Facebook for advertisement reason is bad idea and the only question I have now is how bad? Thought being part of any photographic organisation or other legal photographic body as Alamy is enough to be protected from copyright infringements and today I learned I was wrong.. While reading "Report an unauthoris
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