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Sean D

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Hello fellow Alamyers.  Joined earlier this week.  I'm from the UK


I would be interested to learn how I can make my contributions more 'discoverable', please.  Do I need to add in some more tags perhaps?

Any advise appreciated



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Welcome to the forums Sean!

Discoverability is the subject of numerous threads here, take a wander around and you'll soon find them, but the general advice is not to worry about it too much. Better to have fewer relevant tags than start adding anything irrelevant.

Best of luck,


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Don't worry about discoverability but, yes, you need more tags. Also, check your captions. You have a little lizard captioned as a deer. Be sure to deselect after finishing with one photo or your work will carry over to the next one. Keywords like "book" and "poster" are not appropriate unless it is a photo of a book or poster. Put what is actually in the image. Looking at what other people have done can help you. Search for a similar image and then click on it to see what the keywords are. It will give you an idea of what is needed.



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