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managing releases


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Hey Alamy folks - it'd be very helpful to have a way to have two folders or some other way to manage model and property releases so that older ones can be stored in a separate place.  As it is, I have to wade through every model release I've ever uploaded in order to access current ones to attach to images.  Most of the old ones are ones I won't ever need to access again, or if I do, it'd be rare.  But having them mixed in with newer ones sure makes finding the newer ones much more time consuming.


And of course, if the best way to achieve this is to have two separate folders, it'd be critical to be able to move releases from one folder to another as needs dictate. 

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Hi there,


Thanks for this suggestion - we agree this could do with updating and have added it to the list of features we will look at upgrading with the next refresh of Manage Images.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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