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RX100m3 struggling with wifi

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Does anyone else have problems with connecting/using wifi on their Sony RX100M3.
I just shot some pics and did some of them with the wifi remote using my phone, but they didn't save on the camera at all, and only saved at a reduced size on the phone.
The problem is that the ones I did using the phone were better, but no use to send to Alamy due to size!
Explanation here.

I didn't have a problem with the RX10, but have mucked up with the 100, is it my age?
I'll edit the blog post later with a workflow which will correct it... hopefully.

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You do know that you have to set the preferences for the camera in a different place than the preferences for the camera using the remote app?

Stupid - I know.

Start the remote app on the camera and the phone. Go back to the app page on the camera again and look for the Image Size setting. The menu is slightly different for each camera I have. But it's there. Initially you will  probably just see: Exit Application. If so, then it's under one of the other tabs.


UX design is terribly difficult. NOT. Only for people not using the things they have to build.




edit: the Quality setting is where you set Raw and Jpeg and it's underneath Size somewhere.


Now whether the camera will save anything or just send it to the phone, that is a setting that's on the phone.

Connect your phone to a camera.

Click Menu.

Which gets you in  Settings. (Nothing different, just someone who uses Menu in one screen and Settings in the next.)

Go to Save options.

Set it to either Off or On, but read the instruction. (On is slower.)

In Off you'll be warned if there's no card in the camera now.

A huge improvement. Btw Location information is only available when Save Options is ON.

Now go to Saving destination and tick SD card.







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Thanks for the input Wim.

I was just annoyed and venting as I had better compositions taken using the wifi with my camera on a monopod, but they only saved at 1600 on my iPhone, and not at all on the camera.
I may have to return and shoot again, but the fuel costs will be unlikely to convert into sales :( 

I have the settings right now.

BEFORE connecting to the camera there is an option of copy image size on the phone version of PlayMemories... I choose original.

After connecting, and the full view on PlayMemories is showing then choosing menu gives you more options including the option of 'size of REVIEW image'. 

That is where I was going wrong.

I was assuming that REVIEW meant a preview size on the screen, it doesn't, it means that the file will transfer to the phone at whatever you choose, and I had the menu setting as 2M


As we can agree, not very intuitive.


The image now saves on the phone as a JPG at full size and on the phone at my chosen settings which are RAW+JPG.

I must say that some of the options available for shooting via wifi are pretty good, ie the touchscreen manual focus point.

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Yes the manual focus point is good. Maybe some people would want to tape their phone to the back of the camera for that ;-)


I've just noticed that in the app we now have a manual for cameras that have been used with the app. Not all but most. It could be that these are the cameras that are registered with Sony, because I have used rented cameras with my phone that are not showing.

Hilarious entries for Basic Camera Settings:

The latest Smart Remote Control is required.

5 times or so. Like for Review Image or Save Image.


Was this information helpful?

- what do you think?

I have all apps updated. On my phone as well as my cameras. But you do not give me an answer.

So NO.


Oh no, all entries in the manual have that as the instruction. At least for the RX100V




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