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A bug or reason for this please

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I don't recollect this always happening, but for quite some time it has been the norm. When I look at My Images or All of Almay activity over the weekends it always shows blank/no results. Yet when I do a search on Monday or Tuesday for the weekend dates it ultimately shows results. Is this a bug? Or simply the results are not calculated on the weekends? And if the latter, why would that be? Also sometimes my "ready" images don't go to sale over weekends, as quickly as during the week.



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Activity registers but isn't reported over the weekend (look for the 'last updated' date and time, top right). You have to wait for Monday (usually morning) to see the weekend's views and zooms.

As for 'ready' images, there has been a recent change - they now go on sale 24hrs after being made ready, whereas before weekends didn't count.

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