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Live news keywording

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I have started uploading to live news recently and placed some images on Christmas Day . I completed IPTC and keywords in Lightroom before submitting to the news feed. I got the usual QC approved message but today (Boxing Day ) when I uploaded more images to the stock feed, I noticed that the news feed images were marked “Not on sale” ....when I added key words in the AIM they want “onsale” .....did i do soemthing wrong in my news feed upload?

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No, the images uploaded to Live News get sent directly to editorials, whether or not they are “on sale”. However 2 days later, they go into your stock photos and will remain as “not on sale” unless you do the minimum of putting some keywords in. 


However, you don’t get a QC message for Live News photos, so that has me confused about what you did.

Any images on the live news feed should show up here


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