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QC of Rastor based illustrations vs Photos

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Hi, I'm a newbie. I recently had a pencil sketch rejected (for two reasons: Compression artefacts + soft or lacking definition). My illustrations are produced digitally using Corel Painter (which is rastor based not vector) and a Wacom Tablet.  The rejected illustration was drawn at 300 dpi resolution. I am not certain how I can correct for the above and wondering if anyone has specific advice on how to submit acceptable rastor illustrations vs photos? Am I missing something?

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The "compression artifacts" suggest that the JPEG wasn't saved with high enough quality setting ? Might be better to work in TIFF with Corel and use Photoshop / Lightroom etc to convert to JPEG with highest quality setting AFTER checking the original TIFF at 100% as for photos. Presumably the image passed the size requirements - so working at 300dpi is fairly irrelevant - Alamy just want enough pixels to pass their requirement and that all parts of the image bear close examination at 100% on screen.



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