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George Munday

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Here's a thought...


Occasionly an image is worthy of many tags. In that situation it's easy to exceed the required amount of 50 if say Photoshop Bridge is used.  It's not a problem until one discovers a critical tag has inadvertantly been left out. However, before adding that new tag, the number of tags needs to be reduced to 49. So,  we just have to blindly delete the less-important tags until that number of tags is reached.


It would be helpful if above the tag listing,  the number of tags are shown. Currently in the situation outlined above, it merely shows 50/50. If it could be reconfigured to show the actual number of tags eg 55/50 - and better still - reduce accordingly it would very helpful.









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We could also use some help in identifying duplicate tags. I have no idea how that would be done but I have found that if I make a phrase that is a duplicate it just disappears. Sometimes that is helpful though it would be even better if I could see what the duplicates are and decide which ones need to go.



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