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Photographers Karma

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For the last few years I have taken photos of runners taking part in the Great South Run, usually positioning myself close to the finish line so I can get photos of the celebrations, tears and those requiring assistance. It is usually the latter set of images that has licensed. I have sold images of exhausted people in wheelchairs being pushed across the line by medics, people vommiting just short of the finish and people whose legs have failed them and are being held up by friends or passers by to get across the finish.

This year I find myself on the other side of the lens. On Sunday I will be running the 10 mile race for the first time, in aid of the Stroke association (with strong winds forecast too, oh joy!), which has got me thinking, is Karma about to catch up with me?? :o. If anybody is planning to photograph the race on Sunday and they happen to see me staggering across the line, I would be most grateful if you could just point you lens to the man/lady to the right or left of me, thank you :D.

Has anybody photographed a person in an unfortunate situation only to find themselves in a similar situation a while later wth cameras pointing at them?



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