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Do buyers get email updates when new pictures matching their searches are added?


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This may have already been covered before, so my apologies if it has.


I'm curious to know if buyers are notified when new pictures matching their search terms/phrases are added?


If not, it might be a nice feature for them, since they have so many options/sites to choose from. This way it could keep them more focused on searching and hopefully purchasing from Alamy.


Maybe Alamy has a save search function for the buyers? Again, I do not know.


For example, if I'm a buyer and I'm searching for "person dropping phone onto hard surface" or "broken mobile phone screen" and I save this search.

When new pictures are added with these phrases or matching keywords the potential is notified via email.




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Recently, I spotted a search that had been performed the day before. There were 0 hits. No images on Alamy. The location being relatively next to me, I rushed there and uploaded quickly. I then contacted Alamy asking if they could contact the photo researcher. The reply was that, since the search did not come through the Sales Department, they did not know who it was.



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