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Hi from North Lincolnshire. UK

Ken Stockdale

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Hello Ken and welcome, hope Alamy works for you


' ... Looking forward to learning more about photography and as such improve my photographs...' is not really the remit of Alamy; photographers are here to sell images.  It may be worth having a look and read around the website before committing heavily.




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39 minutes ago, arterra said:



You're supposed to provide already very good, saleable images. A stock agency is not a photography club. Remember - though you don't have to be a professional - you do work for a professional market expecting professional quality.

Take a good look at Alamy's archive. Alamy accepts everything, so don't pay attention to the hastily taken snapshots, but look at the best images 'cause those are the ones clients will be interested in. Are your images on par with those? 




Photography is an ongoing learning process, but I agree with Philippe Alamy is not a photography club.

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Good morning. Thanks for the advice phomme, Philippe and Matt. Much appreciated. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression but I do understand this is not a photography club. I have looked through Alamy's archive and I believe some of my images are on a par with those, but I also believe there is always room for improvement. Hope that is not too arrogant, but if they were not I wouldn't be here. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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