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Interesting People's Court episode about stealing intellectual propery

Jill Morgan

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From all the reading I have done, the drama is a  bit contrived but all the cases (except a few fakers that have managed to get through) are real cases that are scheduled for small claims.  Why would they need to create them, there are so many idiots that don't mind making public fools of themselves for their 15 minutes of fame.



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The cases are supposed to be real, and the people are supposed to be real, but they're paid by the show for whatever they might've received in court. 

Several of these are filmed in New York City but the rulings aren't based on New York laws, or any other state's laws that I'm aware of.


EDIT: It's filmed at the Manhattan Mall.

Wikipedia calls it an Arbitration Based Reality Court Show  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court_show#Arbitration-based_reality_court_show 

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