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Some very good Canon lens deals UK

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This is a Groupon offer and to see the lenses involved you have to scroll down - the list includes the 24-105mm L at less than normally paid for a used one, the 18-135mm (which I can confirm is an excellent lens optically) for only £209 and various kit and standard or long zoom lenses sometimes close to half price. I do not know why the Groupon info at top says save 17%, as the highest discount is 57% and some are at 45% off.


I don't use Canon but if I did...



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Hmmm - thanks for the info. David but...too good to be true?

For queries, email: groupon@photo-direct.co.uk. <snip> Orders fulfilled by Photodirect. http://photo-direct.co.uk/

The Website http://photo-direct.co.uk/ contains nothing more than an image, which when you click on it redirects to http://www.iis.net/.  I haven't looked in depth at the site, but it relates to the Microsoft Web server IIS and says that it is:

managed for Microsoft by Neudesic, LLC


The Groupon does not cover additional tax, service charge or gratuity


This being so - besides my inherent scepticism regarding the deal - I have to ask myself:

  1. Who exactly are Photodirect?
  2. Are Neudesic, LLC and Photodirect one and the same?  If not, what is their relationship, if any?
  3. Are the lenses to be shipped from the USA and then be clobbered with import taxes/VAT upon entry to the UK?

I may be being overly-cautious, but that's just me!

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Could be a scam - but convincingly done as the email was exactly the same as my regular Groupon stuff. I tried clicking the product link and it appears to offer a buy it now from Groupon - in other words, a coupon redeemable for the item. Everything appears to be above board but of course it could be a scam on a massive scale, or hide costs I can not see without actually pressing the payment button.

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