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Stuck in Q.C.

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Go to AIM. You'll see the upload. If it says awaiting QC, you're ok. Or see if it says Failed. You don't need to wait for email, check for yourself. If it has failed, they'll be a notification at the top that tells you when you can upload again.


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Do the images look dim? In AIM, If it said Processing, then the images are hung there for some reason.  That's what it says directly after an upload, then usually in a short time it says In QC. The images look dark during this time.  From there, if passed it should say "Congratulations, your images have passed" or something similar. Then the images should appear bright and normal-looking.


Images uploaded Friday should not still be in Proccessing. If still like that tomorrow, I'd drop a line an inquire about it.  Some of us, from time to time, have waited close to a week before an upload pass.  So that in itself isn't completely unusual.  Not the norm, but it happens.  That said, under no circumstances that I'm aware of, should they still be in Processing.

And....you're welcome! :D


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