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  1. In Canada Nikon have a Mothers Day special and the Z5 is $500( $1299) off and the Z50 is $100($1199) off plus a Nikon camera bag.
  2. I went to my local Mac store and they told me it couldn't be done so I will be looking to buy a new computer based on the wonderful information Betty has received on this forum.
  3. In our neck of the woods, London area we called it Knock down Ginger. Where that came from I don't know. It never happened to us as we didn't have a door knocker on our matchbox that we lived it !!!
  4. To MDM it is an M1 MacBook Air, my apologies for not stating that. Please bear In mind that not everyone is extremely knowledgeable as you are about computers, we do need help!!!
  5. Thanks everyone for replying. M.Chapman thanks for the link, according to the link I can do it with a special cable. I will go to my local Apple store tomorrow and see if they have the cable. I will keep you posted. Thanks again
  6. Can I hook up my 11 year old iMac to my new Mac air book as a monitor? If sp how do I do it?
  7. It sounds like I have the oldest iMac 27, mine was built in 2010!!!! It has never broken down but now it takes about 10 seconds to respond when I hit the mouse or key At night I send it to sleep at 11pm and if I am working on the computer at this time a warning panel appears telling me the computer will shut down. Now I am getting this panel appearing when the computer is switched on in the morning at 7am. So I am also looking for a new iMac and and there is a lot of useful information on this link to help me decide what to buy.
  8. I have been using Affinity for a few years and this is how it works for me. When I open up my Nikon Raw images it goes into the Develop Persona which has limited options for processing plus a Metadata feature. When you are finished you then you click on Develop button and this puts it in the Photo Persona where there are more options for processing. As my computer is old it can take up to 25 seconds to Develop the image. It has a blemish removal tool for dust bunnies and the usual brush tools plus presents for exposure, contrast etc plus you can create your own presets. To resize an image is n
  9. I have an Z6 and the image size using my 18-105 DX Nikon lens is 3939x3624. I didn't have to do anything to the settings of the camera when I put the lens on. I am using my 200-500 5.6, 105 VR Micro all with AF, 80-200 2.8 push pull lens which becomes a manual focusing lens and 600mm5.6 manual lens. For the manual lens I use the focus peaking feature in the camera plus with any AF lens you get the green in focus button in the viewfinder. What I like most about the Z6 is the viewfinder, there is so much info in it.
  10. Thank you NYCat for replying with the info on where the cache is. I cleared the history and I can now access my contributor page. Thanks again.
  11. I am having the same problem. Alamy, you say to clear the history cache. Would you please tell me where to find this? Is this on Alamy's website, my account or on my Mac Safari?
  12. Thanks for replying Mark, it is nice to know I am not the only one suffering.
  13. When I go to log in I am getting the blessed "click on a traffic light" pup. I had this problem about 2 years ago and I was recommended by people on this forum to install Malwarebytes which I did and it removed the pup, But now I have it again and no matter how many times I scan with Malwarebytes I can't get rid of it. Anybody else having the same problem? I have sent a help request to Malwarebytes. Has anybody got any suggestions on how to get rid of it? I am using a Mac desktop. Cheers and stay safe.
  14. I am going to upgrade from Mac Sierra to High Sierra and I want to know if my existing password to log into Alamy will still work.
  15. Bryan, I am using Malwarebytes Premium and I can't find the advert removal tool, could you tell me where it is. Thanks
  16. Bryan, didn't Alamy send an email last year telling us that we can create our own categories? I was just wondering if you have tried it. John, my wife had both hips replaced last year, second one in August and she is now line dancing and doing aquacise (aquatic sports) twice a week. So hang it there and do the exercises.
  17. Thank you very much, my wife and I came to Canada from England in !968 and have never regretted the move. We have travelled in the US quite a lot and enjoyed the great scenery and the wonderful hospitality we received wherever we went. Like you said Michael, we couldn't ask for better neighbours.
  18. Thanks Betty, I checked just now and it said "Procession" so the images must have passed. Thanks for replying.
  19. I uploaded images on Friday and they are still in Q.C. I assume that are rejected and with the new Image Manager System how long will I have to wait to get the "rejected email"?
  20. If you go to Flickr there is a Nikon Capture User group there that will tell you all about the good and bad things about NX-D. Unfortunately there are more bad things than good. Happy reading
  21. How do you decide if an image should be key worded as a landscape?
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