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Have you checked the quality of the 16 pics in terms of saleability anyway? And your keywording of those 16? It MAY be possible that their poor showing for you may be nothing at all do do with the pseudonym they are sitting under as, unless I am horribly wrong, this has NO impact whatsoever on the criteria that a picture searcher would be aware of? They go purely on keywords?
Pseudonyms CAN help you analyse in terms of what sells and what doesn't - they don't influence the initial search.


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16 images is no statistical consequence. It represents 0.35% of your images. Incorporating them in your main pseudo will give them the same search ranking as the rest of your collection. Good option.


Deleting images serves no purpose other than to ensure that they never will sell. Bad option.


Food for thought. How about transferring the one image that has sold into your main portfolio - who knows it may sell again. 


Question. Are all your other images performing? If not how about transferring the non performing pix into your non performing pseudo? This should improve the ranking of your residual collection in time.


Good luck



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