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New AIM - First upload experience

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I like it very much !


Just come back from a nice 30 day holiday.

So as yet had not been able to upload any photos using the new AIM.

But found upload process easy. 

24 hour pass = normal

Easy to batch some of the details where relevant.

Quick to tag, now on sale.

Just need another 30 tag words to turn them from orange (on sale) to green. (Shant bother probably ! ) Dont like spam.


Now i just need to work out why views and zooms have dropped by about 50% since 5th December !!

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Yes, doing new images is easy for me. Much quicker than the old MI. But then I keyword before uploading. Even so, I usually think of another appropriate word or two, and it's easy to batch those, and batch select categories and license type for a set.


I really like not having to move tags around to 3 separate boxes.



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