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New Contributor, one question

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Hi everybody,


I'm a new contributor and not yet familiar with Alamy, so please excuse me if I may ask a stupid question that maybe has been answered before. (I did check the forum, though)


I just passed my first QC and enthusiastically, I started adding all the information to my pictures, so that they can go online for sale. One thing, though. 


The status says:  Not ready - Images marked as not ready must have the mandatory details completed before they are visible to customers.


Now, I checked again, and I have added all the info I was asked for. So what am I doing wrong? Or do I just have to wait. Or do I need to press some button? 


Thanks so much in advance,



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This is just Alamy's eccentric way of showing things. If your two main sections: attributes and keywords, are showing they are completed OK, your pics will be ready. In the drop down Search results  menu on top line that shows Images - not ready, choose: Images - ready   Your images should show up there. Now just wait a day for them to go on sale.



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Thanks so much everybody for the nice welcome and getting back to me about this.


Well, I think I completed all the boxes, yet it still says they're not ready. I would post a screenshot here, but then I get a spam error message.

If I look at my photos, there is a green circle showing keywords and attributes are okay, but there is no such thing next to the other boxes (description, location, restrictions)


When I do what Dave suggest (going to Images - ready) it still says there are none.


If this is just a matter of waiting, it's okay by me, I just don't know if I made some mistake...


Edit: Okay, I just checked again, and all of the images are now marked as ready. Seems it was just a matter of patience : )

Thanks again, everybody!

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This is going sound like a silly comment but have you saved the changes?


I think you only need complete essential keywords, caption and the attribute field. Then click "save all changes". The image should then be ready.


Obviously it may be a good idea to complete the other field but I think these are the only compulsory ones.

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The other thing (perhaps for future reference) is that the numbers in the filter list don't change unless you change to a different filter. So if you filter on 'Not Ready' to start with (the default), change to filter on 'Ready' (or another selection) and the numbers in the drop down list will then change.

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