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Finding Search Terms?

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Is it possible to find the search term that was used to land on your mage when it was sold?


I can look at the search terms for a given period of time, but does it follow that if i was paid for a sale in november, will the search show in november too? (does that make any sense?)


Just curious.



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Not really. It would be quite useful though.



The best bet is to check your Pseudonym summary. Sales are supposed to show up here in the Sales column, but they very seldom do.

Out of my last 358 sales only 57 show up. That can get a little higher over time when the system matches sales to searches. I would have thought that once a sale has been reported, the database would not update anymore, but it does somehow and it pays to look again after some three months apparently.

After thhis look for the zooms: Chance is it's among those, just sometimes with slightly different wording.

I'm not sure if the system shows a search at all when an image has been researched and then sold through the research department.

Zooms from lightboxes (which the research department are using) are not being recorded.

And since a couple of months searches and sales by Alamy ref # only are not being shown anymore. That's probably to protect images that have been sold from being copied.

However it is a thing a lot of clients seem to do: just drop the Alamy ref ## in the search box and then order those.

So that's why positive searches/sales matches are getting fewer still.



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