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  1. That's the Essex model. Oh well! I have 3 of them, so thats all good
  2. Are the stars suppossed to be gold or anything? I have 3 white ones?
  3. Just the one for $36, but from what has been a relatively small portfolio for most of the year. Onwards and upwards
  4. Well, as this is my first year, and not a full one at that, I'm still happy to have opened my Alamy account with 3 sales in the past 4 weeks, worth just over $65. These are all from images uploaded in April. A coincidence I'm sure?! I spent the best part of the year with around 200 images in my portfolio but have got that up to over 600 in the past month with another 150 gone through QC and waiting to be keyworded etc. Here's looking forward to a productive 2017. Happy new year to you all Dave
  5. I've just had this sale come in. (only my 3rd, but i've just started to get going) Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 30 December 2016 End: 30 December 2021 Archival rights included in perpetuity Its the first RM i've had, so i have a few more details to view than i did with my other RF sales. So the question is: I assume the sale was made today, Dec 30th? When would you guess that the payment would be cleared (there's no rush!!) Is the sales figure given gross or nett? And w
  6. I came back into photography after a number of years away. My cameras when I quit were canon EOS 5 and a bronica SQA, all which I sold in a moment of fury! Coming back to photography my first choice was canon again, and a 1200D kit was my budget. I soon realised the direction that I was looking to take, and that this budget kit wasnt going to be my best choice. So opted for full frame with a used 5D mkii, a tamron macro which I bought from a pawn shop, and a used (although you'd never know, it was immaculate) 24-105 from eBay. I'd looked at lots of kit before, but I didn't need 7fps,
  7. Do their prices include VAT? They are incredibly cheap if they do but there is nothing that I can see that says either way. I think that the big brand items are grey imports, so still a genuine piece of kit but manufactured for a market other than the U.K. This would mean that it wouldn't have a manufacturers warranty in the U.K. But great savings. It wouldn't stop me from purchasing from them. I actually have a couple of things on my wish list to buy from them
  8. Bill, I get what you are saying about "agencies". However, let's not forget that Alamy uses the term "agency" liberally in its About pages and elsewhere. It's not just the photographer's thinking: "A stock photo agency represents photographers and agencies who want to sell their imagery. Clients buy from stock agencies because they are specialists or aggregators of imagery, with specially designed websites dedicated to providing fast search and a wide choice of fresh stock images. Stock photo agencies are often best placed to negotiate with a range of customers from a range of industries,
  9. Thanks Bill for the information, although I'm well aware of the literal difference between agencies and libraries. My choice of terminology has no impact on how I view the businesses that I choose to submit my images to. I may be reading your reply totally wrong, but I'm feeling like I've been told off. Not a nice feeling. I'm not really sure I want to ask any more questions in case I'm reprimanded again! Thank you
  10. That's not exclusive. It's image exclusive, which is the more common model of exclusivity, though some agencies have artist exclusivity of some sort. Yes, that's what I meant. Thank you.
  11. That's not exclusive. I apologise if I've used the word exclusive in the wrong context.
  12. So do you pretty much send the same images to all, or are you selective, Philippe? Now, I submit the same images to all the agencies I work with, with a few exceptions like those that are nature specialists which - of course - only accept nature images. Now that most agencies cooperate with one another, the trick is to select carefully those agencies whose networks don't mingle. Cheers, Philippe Thank you Philippe. My main interest is nature (plants and flowers) so I'll be looking to be exclusive with these next year. I've upgraded my kit recently so I'll be adding images at a hig
  13. Is the price they pay worth it? Do they sell a lot? You have to make the calculations whether or not it would be more profitable to earn perhaps a little less per sale but have a whole lot more sales by submitting the same images also to other agencies. Cheers, Philippe Do you think that having the same image on many agencies would put you at risk of selling it at the lowest price each time? I'm guessing that buyers would search on a couple of sites before making their choice? Having said that, some of the sites that pay just a few cents per image for the majority of the time, do
  14. So do you pretty much send the same images to all, or are you selective, Philippe?
  15. By exclusive, I meant that, for instance, all landscape and nature images to one agency, all studio shots to another etc.
  16. I'm just curious to find out if everybody submits their images to agencies other than Alamy? ( I'm not asking them to be named). And if you do, are your images exclusive to each agency? I use 4 agencies and have had pretty encouraging sales for my first year, but Alamy commissions are much healthier, so I'm tending to concentrate on Alamy more. I've noticed that certain agencies will sell more of a particular style of image, so I'll be tailoring my submissions more in the future. What is the norm. Single agency, exclusive with some or the same to all? Dave
  17. Its obvious what re-rank means (i think), but exactly what is it in Alamy, and how does it affect us? And can i find out my rank or my images rank? Thanks for your time Dave
  18. Is it possible to find the search term that was used to land on your mage when it was sold? I can look at the search terms for a given period of time, but does it follow that if i was paid for a sale in november, will the search show in november too? (does that make any sense?) Just curious. Dave
  19. I've just keyworded an image that recently been accepted on here, and when i view it, especially as a thumbnail in image manager, it makes me cringe just a little!! The edit and the processing isn't perfect. However, its already sold twice on another agency, so i'll let it stay (maybe until i get to do a better edit?) Does anybody else have these sorts of images in their portfolio? Dave
  20. Thanks Niels I think I'm beginning to understand now. I dont think that I can change the license of the images already on though, but hopefully I'm better informed than I was when I originally submitted.
  21. Just watched a couple of vids on YouTube including one from Alamy. All clear now I think. Thank you all for you help Dave
  22. So my main interest is nature subjects i.e. Plants, flowers, macro ( although my current portfolio may not show that?!) are these best as RF? And some shots have unavoidable brands and logos in, so RM for those?
  23. I admit that I've been with Alamy in a half hearted way since spring time this year. It seemed more labour intensive to submit and keyword the images. I submit to other sites and have sold 100 images since January, so I'm pleased even though the reward was relatively low. In the last couple of days however, I've had a couple of sales on Alamy that are worth pretty much the same as the other 100 together, so I'm inspired to get my head down now. I've got 400 images just passed QC and aim to get to 2000 by this time next year, so fingers crossed for an interesting year. And I agree Alessand
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