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Issuu.com & magazine usages

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Stipe's German magazine question has prompted me to ask about magazine usages and how long roughly to expect the sale to show? I know people say up to 6 months for newspapers, but is it the same for magazines?


I found one of my images in the September issue of InStyle magazine, but only on Issuu.com and didn't see it in physical print. Firstly, does anyone know if this site shows actual issues as went to press? (As opposed to draft copies?). As I wasn't familiar with this website before finding my picture there...


Secondly, if it was a September issue, it would have been published in August (I think?) and presumably downloaded in June or July? (no idea how long it takes to make a magazine!) So should I chase in January? And would a screen dump of Issuu be enough proof for Alamy to chase?


Thanks in advance  :)



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Lizzie, When one of the media outlets I freelance for posts something (on ISSUU) that's not the actual final publication, they include term such as 'mockup,' 'proposal'... in the title or description. I'll guess you didn't see anything like that in the ISSUU you're referring to. - Ann

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