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Google Sites Image Infringements

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I found a Google Sites Website using an image of mine (from another agency, as it happens).  The image is watermarked & hosted on the agency site.


The Website is clearly amateur and appears to be aimed at chemistry students.  But it carries no advertising; the particular image is one which has never sold and there is no contact form or e-mail address on the site (that I can make out - the site is in Catalan) so I was just going to leave it...however as the site is hosted by Google, I thought that I would post a DMCA form just so that the owner will be made aware that this is not the right way to do things!


The response from Google was that they are not going to do anything in this case - which surprised me.  They don't give a reason for their (non-)action, so I am left puzzled.  My question is: why?  Is it because the image is not actually being hosted on Google's servers?

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If the image is not on Google's servers, perhaps you should go after whoever's server the image is hosted on. 


Google actually used one of my images without paying me or my consent a few years ago. Google at the time was experimenting with those Groupon like deals and was advertising reduced price food and wine. I contacted my lawyer who basically said there's no chance fighting Google and their battalions of lawyers and we went after the festival that supplied the images.


Just the idea of fighting against Google right now seems futile. In my life they are my email host, domain name provider, I have my telephone number through them and they are one of my most popular stock photo subjects. 



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