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Introduce RM Pricing Based on Image Size


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There have been some discussions around personal use licenses in the forum, delivering high resolution files for a very small fee.


I believe this could eventually be overcome by introducing an RM type license, that gradually increases in price depending on the resolution requested.

For example somebody who wants to use a lower resolution file in a powerpoint could still benefit from a low price, while someone else, with the desire to printing the high resolution file would pay a higher price, depending on the quality they desire.


Happy to hear the forum users opinion on this - also would very much appreciate a concluding remark of Alamy, should this find support among the contributors. 



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"Image Size" is part of the equation for RM licensing. However, buyers gets the full size for a variety of reasons, one being able to crop to taste or need (might only be interested in the banana to the right of the picture, but not the apple to the left).

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