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Total View, how does it work?

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One of the searches in Alamy Measures report yesterdat was a simple two keywords search with no other filters.  The report shows as follows


Your views: 1      Your zomms: 1      Total views: 14       Total Zooms: 1    (which is great.)


But what puzzles me is that if I use the same keywords to search, it brings up 22,447 images.  My ranking is not bad but it is not that great so that mine is included in the first 14 images (out of 22,447) displayed either.  Also the minimum number of images on display one can choose is 30 per page.


Can someone explain to me how it happens?  I am just curious.  That is all.




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I wondered the same thing once, but sometimes the filters don't show up for some reason.  They don't ever seem to show up in All of Alamy and some seem to get left out in Your Measures. Not sure why.  I don't think the number of people filter shows up ever and probably a couple of others.  I also don't think I have ever noticed the RF or RM filter either.



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