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How do you know which of the images sold?

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Perhaps it may seem a silly question, but I would like to understand.

Discovering Statistics zoom - sales for all of the images, for example, today, the keyword - Swans - shows that 3 images sold.

Click on the keyword, and that's what the mass of the entire image file specifically sold as understand?

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You only know if it was one of yours.

For the image maker it could be seen as business sensitive information.

For Alamy it could lead to a glut of the same. I understand that the micros had gluts of jumping goldfish.

I admit that the glut might occur, but just realize that you should not seek to download something like sold today, because tomorrow the buyer will, in any caseother interests, but to understand what queries image will be the day after tomorrow, it's just interesting to try to predict.
Can tell me at least indirectly, how can I see the stats image sold by Alami in the past year? Or statistics popular keywords and queries.
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You can do more targetted research in your local book shop or on the web or looking at trending articles or major photo use websites in particular sectors.

It turns out that some of the buttons on the website look useless if they do not reflect the true state and unsuccessful search on the internet, as they tend to give a result more like advertising is a specific search.
Moreover, the results of issue to find in different countries are very different and do not give an understanding in which direction to move.
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Try using the % parameter in Alamy Measures - All of Alamy searches.


Try in your example with "swans" to type "%swans" - no quotation marks, of course.

Thanks for the tip, but still nothing.



Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for that cannot be obtained, but you can see all the search word combinations including the word swans that have been searched for, and this is pretty useful information.


Edited: grammar error ;-)

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