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I just started uploading images shot by a friend who passed away a few years ago on behalf of his family.

I created a new pseudonym for these images to separate them from mine.

The new pseudonym hasn't shown up in Alamy measures. Any idea how long it takes or should I worry that I did something wrong?


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A pseudonym will only show up in Pseudonym Summary if there have been any views.

The images should appear in your own complete collection that is shown when you click on the blue number (in this case 136) under your name here on the forum.

The database updates over night on weekdays. So all changes you make will usually show up next day.

If there has been no nightly update, there usually will be some chatter over here on the forum ;-)




edit: Pseudonym Summary updates somewhere during the day. Today's has just happened. No idea of your time zone, but it was around 11:35 AM here (Western European - daylight savings time).

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