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Just found a picture used 6 months ago

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Something i just don't understand.

After a zoom i always google the image to see if it has been used. I googled one today to find out if it had sold. It had.


But i also saw it sold to a newspaper, The Sun, 6 months ago.October 15th 2015.


There is no record of its use or payment.

How can that happen ?


Surely, paper buys photo, paper is invoiced then photo is paid for.

I understand that some clients might have either discount or `terms` agreed but six months without any record !


That doesn't make sense ?

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Contact member services with the details and they'll look into it. It has been known for newspapers who self report to take six months or longer but in my recent experience things have been improving on that front.

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Thanks Dougie.

I probably will on this one.

I`m usually happy just to let the business do what it does in its own time.

But still don't understand the `sales` system.

Perhaps not for me to worry about.




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As Dougie said, reporting can take a long time. The papers self-report on use periodically (monthly it seems) and they also would probably raise their own invoice (it's HMRC self-billing), so Alamy don't invoice and therefore won't always know about the sale at their end.

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Thanks Geoff.

Its just that in the past I have had sales in the Sun reported and appeared in my sales report quite quickly.

I'll give another month or so then report it. cheers.

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