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There was a small local story that made all the nationals. My pictures were available in good time (I was there at the same time as the BBC) but none of mine were used. That is not a grumble but raises a question. It seems most of the news items and picture used were either from a news agency story (SWNS credited on at least one) or from the charity that had made a complaint – it seems the papers had taken a package of words and pictures.
So how do people deal with such stories where it needs a bit more than a caption, perhaps it is not that exciting visually, but is not a full blown article, say a short news piece of 2-400 words? I could have easily written the words as well but I had nowhere to send it; Alamy only supports a 600 word caption, a recently disappeared agency used to allow a full story. Every couple of years I ask Alamy if they are planning to do anything with packages of words and pictures, full news stories or features but no joy so far.
As I have said we need to look to add value to our pictures, being able to provide a full news item or feature is one such way. It is what I am doing with feature material. It would be good to do it with news as well. It must make life easier for news desks and editors.
Haqs anyone found a way of doing something along these lines with Alamy? It strikes me that a more extended caption - say 1-2000 characters woul dbe a step in the right direction


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Would it be possible to put the story in the description field with a reference to it in the caption?  About all I could think of currently.


Maybe Alamy is afraid of too many inaccuracies as most of us our photographers, not journalists so don't want to go that route.  But could start a separate area or give news photos a star or something that come with a complete short story.



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