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I like to browse the Customer search activity of Alamy measures to identify possible clients interest. 

Specifically I search for search terms, that yield only a small number of pictures.

What about an advanced search for the "All of Alamy" measures, where we could enter ranges for UCO, Sales,Zooms, Views and CTR. 


That way one could search a specific area of interest and narrow it down to say

   - terms that sold at least once, resulted in a CTR of x to y%, but yielding only 1 to 99 images.

or any other combination. 


Also the number of search words could be an interesting parameter - ie only results containing Whisky with three or four words in the search term


This would help to identify shortages in Alamy's image base within the photographers areas of interest.  


Any support for this from fellow "Alamists"? 


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