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guys i'm gonna work on my keywords...to the better i promise lol  :D

we all agree here that better keywording --> more views and zooms --> (not proportionally) more sales right?

many of you pointed out the finger into the direction of the first item: keywording.

as i said i agree with you this is the base for having good sales... without it ranking falls down and everything else would be lost.

the reason i wrote my thread was to make one step ahead to the second step: more views and zooms.

as soon as i well keyworded my images, my second concern should be to obtain at least a view and then a zoom agree?

that should last finally in a purchase from the customer right?

then i'm saying similars could be a resource... it's like when a customer enters your own shop and he/she has a clear idea to buy a red luxury watch.

you'll be glad to show him/her your entire watch collections you have, all colors available, all shapes and so on.

you don't care about the fact you don't have ANY other stuff than watches in your shop since the customer didn't ask and he/she don't want variety in your shop... just a red luxury watch.

you're worried if you only have 2 red watches to show, indeed.

this example is just to clarify that i agree with you variety is a nice to have and keywording is important but when it comes to a customer with a clearer idea, quantity (sometimes similars) is of course a priority.

this customer, in my opinions, thinks "i want a luxury watch: more choices available, more % of a good purchase here".

you could say "ok, this is a logic of micro RF agency".. well, it could be but quality and quantity could be considered part of the same equation right?

p.s. my compliments to many of you ...i looked at some ports and i found them great!  :)

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As Philippe aptly demonstrates, a variety of images of the same subject is fine, but having many almost identical images isn't the best strategy.  If a customer is interested in your subject, all your images on the subject might get viewed, but it unlikely that the customer will zoom on multiple images that are almost identical.  As a result your ratio of zooms to views (CTR) will be reduced.  Reducing your CTR may lower your ranking making it less likely that your images do get viewed.




By the way, you have some beautiful images of Tuscany.  Makes me want to go there!

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