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Can I offer here in Alamy a BW and Sepia (or Creative) version along with the original Color version? Should I mark both BW and Sepia as Digitally Altered?


OTOH, If I already offer here in Alamy the Color (Original) version of an image as RM, can I offer somewhere else the Sepia version of the same image either as RM or RF?

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Regarding your second question - if the image is basically just the same except for different tinting, it should be using the same licence across agencies.


I think there should be no problem with RF. I'm still not sure about a RM image: basically is exactly the same image, only the tint change.

The extreme case is: can an Exclusive License of the Color Version go with no problem along with an Exclusive License of the Sepia Version.

I mean, each client can be sure it won't see the same image but could see a tint variation of it. Can this happen?


I believe that black and white is not considered digitally altered. 


So I have read too, and no mention about sepia variations. Maybe it has to be considered an alteration.

I did a quick search on Alamy and found out that sepia images are not marked as digitally altered.

It looks like there's a large tolerance on what is considered digitally altered.

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