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  1. The image is not mine, I used those links just as an example... but I got what you mean. I shouldn't bother too much about keywords in foreign languages and just add a few if they're really relevant. I usually keyword in english and the local language, at least the local name of the place and some other relevant words when possible. Is this useless, also for places? Maybe I'll get more views, which is not necessarily more sales... Yes, you're right. I should upload more photos. I'll do that! Grazie!
  2. I did a search with the italian word "stormo" - flock in english and found this. Then I picked this image: there's no hint of the word "stormo" here. Any idea how is this possible?
  3. I think there should be no problem with RF. I'm still not sure about a RM image: basically is exactly the same image, only the tint change. The extreme case is: can an Exclusive License of the Color Version go with no problem along with an Exclusive License of the Sepia Version. I mean, each client can be sure it won't see the same image but could see a tint variation of it. Can this happen? So I have read too, and no mention about sepia variations. Maybe it has to be considered an alteration. I did a quick search on Alamy and found out that sepia images are not marked as digitally
  4. Can I offer here in Alamy a BW and Sepia (or Creative) version along with the original Color version? Should I mark both BW and Sepia as Digitally Altered? OTOH, If I already offer here in Alamy the Color (Original) version of an image as RM, can I offer somewhere else the Sepia version of the same image either as RM or RF?
  5. Thank you Edo. Yes, Wim suggestion is great. I already tried it. It gives a clear Idea of what's going on with words and their corresponding translation. It looks like keywording is a never ending job and must be refined by the time.
  6. I'm with you all on setting a minimum price. I'm italian, but I'm a photographer. Say, 10, 15, 20 €£$, and net, please!
  7. Thank you all for your answers. Third party sites is exactly what I'd like to avoid, or there is more than just "keywords translation" behind the work of these third party sites?
  8. I do am in a microstock agency. There I started just a few weeks ago. Since then I had 6 downloads out of 35 images, € 0.25 each. Here I want to show better quality and I hope things will get better too.
  9. Does this really help in your experience? Is this allowed? I could write in Italian, german and english. Google might help with other languages if they were relevant. Would I see any raise in sales using all of them, if not for all, at least for the most meaningful words?
  10. Don, Betty, John, thank you. John what you say is exactly what I was thinking about. So many RF photos of, say, flowers: it is possible there might be a client looking for an unique RM photo of a flower.
  11. It looks like the real question is maybe: what makes an image RF-friendly or RM-friendly for a client. Yet, can the same image be interesting as RF for a client and as RM for another? And which one would sell more, given that we have to chose? Reading similar posts my intension was to go only RM. I'm new here. I'm still building my collection on Alamy, and I would like to know your opinion.
  12. What do you think about what is or not "digitally altered" in relation to special photo techniques? 1. What about a panorama: I mean stitching 2 or more images? Is this "digitally altered", due to the blending process? 2. What about a spherical panorama if everything is reproduced as is and the reality is respected, just with a particular perspective? 3. What about a "panorama scan"? Those made with Smartphones? 4. What about HDR and Focus Stacking if the reality is respected? Natural looking HDR photos, for example. 5. What about "in camera" Stacking? Many cameras allow multi exposure
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