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Greetings From India


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Though this is my second post. I belong to a very remote town of Junagadh - Gujarat.

I use age old Canon 350d & 18-55mm kit lens. A learning soul trying to justify the subject. I would like you guys to check my images and feel free to comment. That will really improve my work.





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Welcome Mirzamik,


From what I can see, your photography is excellent and having an anceint DSLR with kit lens is certainly no big disadvantage for you.

Some of your headings might need changing though, eg: that Grasshopper is actually a Praying Mantis, and you might want to use the words "Young Boy" instead of "Kid".


Keep up the good work,

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Thank you for your suggestions. Just because keywords are not relevant it does not mean they were copied. There are many key wording tools available online. There is no need to Copy from some ugly monsters. I think one can better focus on the image one shoot. its the image that speak for itself. There are no secret keywords. SS has a system to automatically remove irrelevant keywords just at the time of posting. There is no need to whine and create scenes. instead use that time shooting more images better images.... versatile images.

Thank you for your valuable time.






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My sincere apology if I had offended you. But you need to understand two points.

1. English is not my native language. ( Mantis was described as Grasshopper )

2. I use a very slow 2g network in India. ( it takes 5-10 min for an image to load for someone to see. )


Keywording Problem Yes. ( I will improve it. )

Copying from others. LOL. Not my nature.

I use Yuri's tool for key wording.


Hope you will guide me in future.


I remain.

Happy New Year

(Love Your Work.)

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