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Here's something I posted in Feb. 2014 (with the wording slightly updated):


Hey Alamy folks - it'd be very helpful to have a way to have two folders or some other way to manage model and property releases so that older ones can be stored in a separate place.  As it is, one has to wade through every model release they've ever uploaded in order to access current ones to attach to images.  In my case, and likely many others, I don't need easy access to 90% of the releases that I've uploaded because I'm mainly attaching newer releases to newer images.  But having to wade through hundreds of releases in order to find the newer ones is much more time consuming than it needs to be.  Why not create the option to transfer model releases between two folders so that we can keep the ones we want handy in one and have the other as an archive?  It would of course be helpful for uploads to default to the "A" or non-archive folder (since those releases would be more likely to be accessed for attaching to images) and of course it'd be critical to have a simple, user-friendly way to move single or multiple releases from one folder to another as needs dictate. 

Here's the reply from Alamy (Posted 11 February 2014 - 02:55 PM)

Hi there,


Thanks for this suggestion - we agree this could do with updating and have added it to the list of features we will look at upgrading with the next refresh of Manage Images.




Simple idea, eh?  It's now Dec. 2015 - is there update on this???



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They have been working on a new Manage Images and the last time they said anything about it they just said it is a big job and they are in the process of doing it. It sounds like your suggestion is not going to happen until the entire new thing is revealed. 



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