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Sunwayfoto products

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Does anyone have used Sunwayfoto products?  How is build quality? I have a RRS ballhead, will Sunwayfoto products be compatible with RRS ballhead? 


I would like to find products such as plates, brackets, etc which are RRS ballhead compitable as well as available in the UK. 


I tried their website but I think there is thsomething wrong with the website.


Thanks in advance.



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I purchased a Sunwayfoto "L" bracket for my Fujifilm X-T1 just last week.  It's marketed as Arca-Type compatible.  Build quality seems fine and for $35 USD should be fine for my needs. However I've never had any RRS hardware to compare it against.


It fits my Siriu G-20X Arca-style compatible ball head clamp fine.

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