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I have discovered a UK Naturopath who has stolen one of my photos and used it in his advertising online 

I have invoiced him and sent a request from a debt collection agency 

He is claiming that he should only pay the original stock image pice and that he has made me a very generous offer of $70 that is 3 times what the photo is really worth :-( 

My next option seems to be a UK court 

Does anyone have any advice about the UK court system on such matters or precedents for such cases ?

In Australia this would be dealt with in a small claims court without lawyers and for a minimal cost 

In the UK I am told  it will cost at least $500 + to pursue 

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In the UK you can also use the small claims court. You do not need legal representation.


Good luck 




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What you actually need is the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC)




Set up specifically to handle claims of this nature. Small claims court in the UK didn't have specialist IP/copyright experience and is more for pursuing unpaid bills and reparation for poorly executed work etc...


There is a small claims track with limited costs. The guide is pretty good, and as Dov stated in his post - no legal representation required.

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