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Please could 'in the Last Year' be added as an option to the search options in Customer Activity. Both All of Alamy and My Images.


In the dropdown box that starts with 'Yesterday' there are plenty of other options (i.e Last month) but not 'Last Year'


Also could we have a link direct to the Portfolio in My Alamy rather than clicking through the 'Link to My Images' pages.




EDIT: See reply 3 below for clarification.

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'Last Year' is a shedload of data. When I select it manually I often get a database error anyway. Maybe it's a big ask.


Apologies - I haven't worded it clearly.


I meant for a given search term. For example if I searched Kingfisher and wanted to see all of the previous years results.


At the moment I don't get any errors when searching manually for the last years whether for a blank search or one with a keyword. I'd just prefer not to have click through 12 months to find the earliest previous date.

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