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Meeting of minds - Southpole

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Currently in Salisbury right now and took the opportunity to meet-up with Southpole.


Thoroughly recommend looking up Paul if anyone is in Salisbury. Very nice afternoon spent talking shop and if I come back again will be looking him up.


Off to London during the next few days so if anyone is around...

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Just got after a severe delay on my train home. Shattered and only have about 40 minutes before getting some sleep and up again at 4AM!


Anyway. Today was very good. Only had one security guard ask what I was doing. After chatting, no problem on tripod. Just don't shoot the property owners buildings and entrances. Last time, I wanted a time lapse in front of County Hall. I couldn't get it due to security. Today, no problems and no security.


Very strange how things go but had a great day apart from the train!

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