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I'm an occasional low-volume contributor. I think I understand Alamy Measures, but there seems to be an obvious omission.  When I see that my photo came up in a search, how can I see the picture that actually sold by somebody else?  Surely one of the best ways of improving my sales is to see what actually sells.


Is there an option I haven't found yet that shows 'Alamy sales yesterday' or something?  If not, why not?





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Obvious reason for not showing what sells in measures is what's happened in microstock where best sellers are routinely copied by many contribs.


One example would be the goldfish images jumping from one bowl to another - copied to death on micro after being pinched from a commercial photographer.


I've had a best seller copied very closely by a Getty affiliate supplier (the agency had sold my images many times in their country) and enjoyed very much getting their royalties paid to me. I certainly don't want good sellers being paraded in measures. If you want to see a wide selection of what's being sold, go to WH Smiths and peruse the magazine racks.


No option other than the found images threads which thankfully reflect only a small number of sales.


EDIT -typo

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