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  1. That sounds very laborious, so I (and many others) have to thank you for taking the time. I will see if I can get similar results. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for flagging my sale! How do you do it? When I look at Times Online it just has "ALAMY" as the credit without the image ID.
  3. I got $8.84 for use in a UK national newspaper in December (RM). I find it irritating that Alamy won't tell me the name of the publication. How did others in this thread work it out?
  4. Hi, I'm an occasional low-volume contributor. I think I understand Alamy Measures, but there seems to be an obvious omission. When I see that my photo came up in a search, how can I see the picture that actually sold by somebody else? Surely one of the best ways of improving my sales is to see what actually sells. Is there an option I haven't found yet that shows 'Alamy sales yesterday' or something? If not, why not? Thanks.
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